GBC Entertainment Media, Inc.

Innovative, interesting and unforgettable content we brand across multiple audiences globally beyond the daily headlines.  

Our Company


  •  GBC Entertainment Media Inc. has innovative, interesting and unforgettable content that we brand across multiple audiences beyond the daily headlines. Our company encourages our audience to share fun and timely content that is user friendly no matter where it's viewed. We develop original content that is sustainable branded entertainment. Our target audience are multicultural and millennial women globally across multiple platforms celebrating the diversity of the multicultural marketplace.     



  • We offer an assortment of advertising opportunities to increase awareness in branding of events, music, artists, products, and personalities. We have a selection of website packages to ala cart advertising options that will best suit your needs in marketing.
  • GBC Entertainment Media Inc. offer’s sophisticated, witty and engaging content that’s demographically pleasing for all cultures with emphasis in Celebrity, Reality TV, Movies, Sports, Music Festivals, Fashion, Health and Fitness, Healthy Eating, Latino Celebrity News, Tech and Video Games, and Exclusive Interviews. Our brands features niche markets in the continual growth and emerging  multicultural and millennial male and female markets.
  • Celebrity Bookings available in all niche markets.
  • We offer advertorials in all niche website. 


  • Our leading digital brands include; CelebNMusic247, CelebNReality247, CelebNMovies247, CelebNSports247, CelebNHealth247, and CelebNFashion247 offer audiences engaging editorials. 
  • Our content has strong social impact and social relevance. GBC’s digital properties target all women and men from all cultures. We speak to all genders of the spectrum. 
  • Our other digital properties are; CelebNLatin247, and CelebNTech247. They are niche orientated targeting Latino  women, and tech-minded video gamers.   

Our Brands


  • CelebNMusic247 (CNM247)  GBC Entertainment Media’s flagship property delivering humorous, yet informative entertainment news. We are pop culture enthusiasts targeting a multicultural and Millennial female audience. Our key source focuses on celebrity and music news. CelebNMusic247 weighs in on trending topics daily giving a perspective with a witty twist. What’s news without a little drama. 

  • Median Age - 19 - 34
  • 71% - Female / 29% - Male
  • Average Min/Visitor - 2.9
  • Daily Time on Site - 3.4 


  • CelebNMovies247 (CNMV247) is all about movies. The site focuses on movie addicts who love to watch movie trailers from Upcoming movies, coming soon to theaters. Interviews with celebrities, directors and reviews of movies in theaters, straight to VOD and more. 
  • If you watch movies, from horror, action, comedy, superheroes and more then this site is for you. 


  • Median Age - 22 - 38 
  • 58% - Female / 42% - Male
  • Average Min/Visitor - 6.0 
  • Daily Time on Site - 6.9 


  • CelebNReality247 (CNR247) Our Brand that is all about Reality TV. From  hit series on VH1, Bravo Lifetime, UP, MTV, CMT, BET, TVOne, Oxygen and more. CelebNReality247 talks about Reality TV stars, recaps, the fights, rumors, and the star endeavors. 
  • We cover many reality TV series, which include; Black Ink Crew, Love & Hip Hop, Real Housewives, Little Women, Ru Paul's Drag Race and more. 


  • Median Age - 19 - 34
  • 78% - Female / 22% - Male
  • Average Min/Visitor - 2.6 
  • Daily Time on Site - 3.4

Site Content


  • CelebNSports247 (CNS247) is our Sports blog focusing on Sports gossip in Boxing, UFC, MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL and Soccer. 
  • This site targets the male and female sports fan that want Sports news with some spice. Our brand talks about the rumors, trades, injuries and locker room drama about your favorite athletes.  Find out the latest Sports gossip on this site. 

  • Median Age - 20 - 35
  • 70% - Male / 30% - Female 
  • Average Min/Visitor - 5.8
  • Daily Time on Site - 9.23


  • Our CelebNhealth247 (CNH247) focuses on healthy living, eating right, workout and diet trends. From celebrity workouts to exercises to help loose weight.
  • The site also offers health tips, healthy recipes and innovative ways to eat without eating junk food.  · The site also talks about cooking shows, and foods from around the world.
  • We target female and males who live a healthy lifestyle or the person who is looking for ways to lose weight.
  • CNH247 also talks about celebrities who have passed. · 

  • Median Age - 24 - 45 
  • 62% - Female / 38% - Male
  • Average Min/Visitor - 4.9
  • Daily Time on Site - 5.4 


  • Be Trendy: CelebNFashion247(CNF247) Fashion Blog brings Fashion News on Urban Fashion, Hip Hop Fashion, Streetwear Name Brands, Sneakers and Womens shoes.
  • Our fashion brand targets women and men of all cultures. The emphasis is all about current trends, celebrity style, street worthy fashions and college lifestyles.     

  • Median Age - 23 - 31
  • 81% - Female / 19% - Male
  • Average Min/Visitor - 4.8
  • Daily Time on Site - 7.13  



  • CelebNLatin247 (CNL247)  This site focuses on Latin American News, Latin celebrities, music, politics, food and hotspots.
  • We only talk about Latino news covering all parts of the South America and surrounding Latino island.  


  • CelebNTech247 (CNT247) is a niche site that focuses on the video game and technology markets.
  • With CNT247 our audience will get the latest updates, tips, reviews and what's new in technology and video games. 
  • This site soley talks about the hottest digital trend news, App News, Best Xbox Games, Best PlayStation Games, PC Games, reviews + previews and more.


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